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Arruti : Substation Connectors

Bitronics : Measuring and Recording Meters

Delta – Unibus: Isolated Phase Bus Duct Non-Segregated Bus Duct

Dis-Tran Packaged Substations: Substation and Transmission packaging solutions

Electroswitch: Instrument and Control Switches and Lock-Out Relays

Gamma Insulators: Distribution class insulators; pin, line post, spool, and station post; Glass insulators

GE Grid Solutions: Instrument Transformers from 69-550kV; Line Traps and Reactors

GE Grid Solutions: Air-Break Disconnect Switches for substation and transmission applications


Lapp Insulators: High voltage porcelain and composite insulators for transmission and substation applications

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products: SF6 Power Circuit Breakers, MV Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers, GIS Substations, HVDC Stations and FACTS Technologies, STATCOM and SVC, Generator Main Circuit Breakers, System Studies

NovaTech: Orion Substation Automation Platform

Pfisterer: Cable Terminations and Joints for all voltage class applications

Powell Electrical Systems: Power Control Rooms, 480V – 38kV Metal Clad Switchgear, and Motor Control Centers

Powell Service Division: Metal Clad Switchgear maintenance and replacement; Retrofill and Replacement Circuit Breakers

Primax Technologies : Battery Chargers, Inverters and UPS Systems

Ritz Instrument Transformers: 480V – 69kV dry type Instrument Transformers

TransData: Digital PCS Energy Meters, Isolation Relays, Load Profiling Recorders, Transducers

Waukesha® Transformers, Service and Components – SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc.: Medium and Large Power Transformers; Transformer Field Services including Assembly, Testing, Maintenance and Oil Filling; Transformer Health Products®

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